Malaysians - Know These 6 Things When Applying for a Travel Visa

Do you need a visa to travel to your holiday destination but feel confused about how to apply? Look no further - Traveloka has provided a pretty good article as a comprehensive Travel Visa Guide for Malaysians!

This guide has all the information you need so you know what to expect, from the type of visa you are applying to and what documents you need to make available for how much it costs and how long it will take to process your application. Traveloka even include which countries you can enter without a visa guide and a specific country for main purposes, such as Australia, the United States, and Canada.

Want to know more? Here are some of the key points in their guide:

6 Things Every Malaysian Should Know When Applying for a Travel Visa

6 Things Every Malaysian Should Know When Applying for a Travel Visa

1. Malaysia has the 5th most powerful passport in the world

Malaysia Passport

Yup, we do! This means that Malaysians can travel to more than 160 countries without having to get a visa – awesome, right? So if you’re not sure whether the country you’re traveling to requires a visa, check out the list of countries that allow Malaysians to enter visa-free (as well as those that provide visa on arrival) here - Visa-Free Countries.

2. Wearing red lipstick in your passport photo can get your application rejected

We totally understand the need to look flawless and on point, but for your passport photo, it’s best to keep your makeup as “natural” as possible. Besides heavy makeup, even flashing your pearly whites can have officials rejecting your application! So keep your face expressionless – like someone just told you a really bad joke.

3. For photos, make sure there’s nothing obscuring your face, especially if you’re wearing a headscarf

Malaysian - Things Should Know When Applying for a Travel Visa

It’s important to ensure that your headscarf doesn’t block your forehead or the sides of your face in your passport photo, as this may get your application rejected. And if you wear glasses? Take ‘em off for your photo, as the shadows and glare caused by your glasses are a no-no, especially for your China visa application.

4. Can you apply for the visa online?

Some countries (e.g., Australia) have an online visa application system, while others (like China) allow you to fill in your application online, but you’ll still need to visit the visa center to submit your application.

When it comes to applying for a China visa, Australia visa, India visa, USA visa or Canada visa, we give you the details on where you need to go to apply for your visa in our guide, plus opening hours and contact details. A few countries even have visa centers outside of Kuala Lumpur, which is useful for those based outside of the capital.

5. Will you need a transit visa?

Things Should Know When Applying for a Travel Visa
Don’t forget to take note of whether your flights will transit through another country. If you have a stopover or layover in a country that requires Malaysians to possess a visa, then you’ll need to secure one before your trip, even if you don’t plan on leaving the airport.

For example, in Australia, Malaysians are exempted from a transit visa if they’re only passing through for less than 72 hours. For USA and Canada, however, you’ll need a transit visa – no exceptions.

6. How complicated is it to apply for a visa?

Things Should Know When Applying for a Travel Visa

To be honest, it depends on the country, but the whole point of Traveloka Travel Visa Guide is to demystify the visa application process for Malaysians, particularly when it comes to China, India, USA, Australia and Canada. Not only do we cover the basics, but we also include pro tips that you won’t typically find in other guides. Just make sure you apply for your visa sufficiently ahead of time!

So don’t stress – follow Traveloka Travel Visa Guide for a smooth and easy visa application process.

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